Finapres Medical Systems

The Finapres® NOVA is a non-invasive continuous blood pressure monitor that can be expanded at any time with several hardware modules and software applications of your choice, enabling you to define the monitor appropriately for your daily operations. The Finapres® NOVA uses the FInapres® NOVA technology, with 30 years of proven reliability attested by leading researchers and clinicians.

The Finapres® NOVA offers a double finger cuff system which allows you to measure 24/7 patient friendly.

The Finapres® NOVA presents a module for non-invasive accurate measurement of blood pressure and cardiac output values.

The Finapres® NOVA allows convenient data transfer and is ready for new Finapres hardware modules and software applications.

The Finapres® NOVA basic configuration is the most simple configuration available for non invasive continuous blood pressure measurement. The Finapres® NOVA basic configuration exists of the following systems and documentation:

  1. The Finapres® NOVA monitor with 13 inch touch screen
  2. The Frontend Unit (double cuff system)
  3. Height Correction Unit
  4. 3 Finger Cuffs (small, medium, large)
  5. User manual

The Finapres® NOVA offers the following parameters: blood pressure curve, systolic, mean and diastolic blood pressure, heart rate and interbeat interval

Please be informed that in case you prefer to purchase the basic Finapres® NOVA monitor it is still possible to add additonal software applications and hard ware modules at a later stage.