Clarus 40 Digital Holter Recorder                                          

The Clarus 40 is an accurate, reliable, and user-friendly digital holter monitor. It is capable of recording 3 channels of patient ECG data using 3, 4, or 5 surface electrodes adhered to the body while operating for up to 14 days of continuous recording. Recording durations up to 31 days are possible by providing the patient with a recharging cable. Its compact and stylish design is discreet and comfortable to wear, and its color touchscreen allows the patient to easily record their symptoms when they mark an event.


  • Holter Studies
  • Pharmaceutical Studies


  • Fast and simple data retrieval - Connect to a PC with the provided USB cable and retrieve data at 480 Mbps.
  • Rapid device configuration - On-screen adjustment of commonly used settings allows for device configuration in less than a minute. Other settings can be configured from a PC and stored for multiple studies.
  • Supports multiple lead configurations - Automatic detection of any supported ECG cable allows flexibility when selecting the proper lead configuration for each patient, even allowing swapping cables in mid-study.
  • Multi-channel signal quality shown on color display during patient hookup - Easy to read display ensures the electrodes are well attached before the recording starts.
  • Precise battery monitoring - Accurate battery life calculation lets you know for sure that the battery will last for the whole study. 
  • Digital patient diary - No need for the patient to keep a paper diary when marking events; they’re stored right on the device.